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How to adapt to the new normal by using online payments

We go about our daily lives and take a lot of things for granted. Then, suddenly, in the year 2020, a worldwide health crisis happens. We experience things that we never imagined would happen such as not being able to leave our homes. The market tumbled and even the price of oil become negative because of lack of movement.


Using mobile devices 

The restrictions are economically crippling for many. To survive and to keep in touch with others, we have become dependent on our mobile devices in more ways than one. We use our social networking sites to keep in touch with family and friends, our emails for communication, and go subscribe to streaming videos to keep ourselves entertained. We also use shopping sites to buy groceries and order food delivery. To be able to purchase, we must make an online payment using a debit or prepaid card

No longer using cash 

Though we might have a whole load of money tucked away in a vault, it cannot be used unless we leave the house to go to a retail store. There are those shopping sites that provide us with cash on delivery option, but most sites offer online payment methods. Even the simplest of payment transactions may seem to be insurmountable if we do not have the right payment method to use at a certain website. 

Sending and receiving funds 

Another thing that was not easy to do was to go to a money transfer agent. Most of the businesses were close during the height of the pandemic, making it impossible to send remittances in the usual manner of handing over the cash to the branch. Though the money agent may have a website and people can use this to send money online, those who have cash but do not have bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards, cannot avail of the online services. 

Online services 

There are some people who never bothered to download an e-banking app and enroll their account as there seemed to be no need to do so. Most banks have branches nearby and there is usually an ATM somewhere near the area. However, when the crisis got a lot of people stuck at home, using their funds that were in their bank accounts was not possible as they had no means of accessing it to make an online payment. Many banks were close or operating only for limited hours, as it was difficult for the employees to move around because of the restrictions. 

Adapting to the new normal 

It takes more than wearing a facemask to survive the crisis that has left a lot of people in financial difficulty. For economic recovery, one must have the capability to send and receive online payments. With apps such as that of an e-wallet, mobile banking, and other payment apps, financial transactions can still be made from the safety of the home. Adapting to the new normal makes it necessary to use online payments more often, as it is now the preferred way to get paid by many, especially those who live in developed countries.